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Build Lasting Connections for Fortune and Friendships

By: Arnold Sanow Building successful, well-tended relationships is a crucial component for manifesting abundance, whether in the form of fortunes, friendships, family connectedness, or other personal or professional treasures. Getting along skillfully with people colors your world with a vibrant network of connections, enriching your relationships with a never-ending collection of infinite rewards. Cultivating enduring [...]

Room Set Up? Which are you? Classroom or Half Moon?

What’s your preference given this is an audience of 100 plus attendees for a learning environment.  We would love to hear from you. Schoolroom or classroom. These setups are best for meetings where attendees are likely to take notes and refer to other material (e.g., printed material, laptops). Standard features of the schoolroom set: • [...]

5 Communication Guidelines to Create Enduring Connections

By: Arnold Sanow Good communication is a balance of honoring your own needs as well as the needs of others. Building and maintaining positive connections means getting to the heart of what people want and need, as represented by the acronym HEART. These qualities help to cultivate respect, and build positive and productive relationships by [...]