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Who Would You Call?

Thank you to Byron Sabol , speaker and author of “Taming the Beast:  Success With Difficult People.”  I recently attended Byron’s seminar at our Carolinas Chapter meeting for MPI.  He had all of us writing as fast as we could so as not to miss any of the GREAT content and meaningful messages. “Got Champions? [...]

Balancing Work and Life

Source: By: Loren G. Edelstein Meeting professionals struggle to separate their business and personal lives. In fact, just 17 percent set clear boundaries between the two and are largely off-duty when at home, according to the 129 respondents to an M&C Research survey. Phone and e-mail are particularly invasive. Forty-three percent of planners check [...]

The Case for Kindness

by Linda Larsen Latest insider information from someone overseeing the jurors’ deliberations in the Casey Anthony trial:  Apparently the jurors were NOT happy about the fact that the attorneys for the    prosecution never said “good morning” to them each day, but the defense lawyers always did. What?  Which lawyers said “good morning” to them actually [...]