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How The Recession Changed Your Customers: Final Segment

By: Chip Bell Smart organizations provide lots of vehicles and channels for customers to easily and register their feedback and suggestions. “Most good innovation comes from customers,” says Ebay CEO John Donahue. “The more time we spend thinking in the ivory tower in San Jose, the worse off we’re going to be.” Customers want to [...]

How The Recession Changed Your Customers – Part Two

By: Chip R. Bell So, what does the picky customer really want? According to the 2010 Convergys Scorecard Series Research, when customers were asked what they expected from companies, 29 percent of the 2500-plus customers surveyed selected “Quality of the Product;” 28 percent chose “Quality of Customer Service.” “Price” as a customer priority fell from [...]

How The Recession Changed Your Customers – Part One

By: Chip R. Bell There is no doubt customers coming out of the recent recession are fundamentally different than they were before. Even customers not directly impacted financially were emotionally shaken by the uncertainty, anxiety and adverse impact on family and friends. Learning more about the post-recession customer and acting on that knowledge can turn [...]

Altitude and Attitude

Emily is a nurse and just broke her ankle boarding (she lives in Boulder) on January 12th. Seven screws placed and a plate to correct on 2-1-11.  We were with her last week and she hiked everything!!!  Golf ball size swelling each night but not a peep out of her.  She was out of work [...]