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Does your organization suffer from “Above The Neck Constipation”?

By: Kathy Dempsey Are you having trouble getting employees motivated? Is negativity causing a workflow impaction? Does your staff have a mental blockage about moving forward with change? If so, your organization may be suffering from “Above The Neck Constipation!” It’s a widespread ailment that’s attacking workforces nationwide! It slows down, or even halts productivity [...]

Dance Me to the End of Service: Part Three

By: Chip R. Bell Add to Your Customer’s Service Scrapbook A day trip to the mountains put us in a quaint village for lunch. After the meal, we needed to walk off the too-large helpings. Window shopping down the winding street, we stopped in a store devoted completely to the pastime of making scrapbooks. Who [...]

Dance Me to the End of Service: Part Two

By: Chip R. Bell As customers, we are not always right, we are sometimes dead wrong. As customers, we can occasionally have bad days when someone trying to serve us becomes the unfortunate target of our negative baggage or venomous agenda that is completely unrelated to either the server or the service situation. As a [...]

Dance Me to the End of Service: Part One

By: Chip R. Bell The deep, gravelly voice of Leonard Cohen sings his hit song ‚ÄúDance Me to the End of Love‚ÄĚ to a lingering Hungarian-like melody. A single violin makes the experience haunting. The mystery of the tune matches the romance of the words. Its theme is about keeping a relationship charged with engagement [...]