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Be A Service Warrior: Part Two!

By: Chip R. Bell Warriors will tell you that the rush of the challenge drowns out the fear of bodily harm. Contrary to what you see in movies starring Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone, real warriors do not get a thrill out of hurting people. Rather, they are the military version of Olympic athletes. And [...]

Be A Service Warrior: Part One

By: Chip R. Bell Warrior lessons started as soon as I exited the helicopter that had flown me to a remote part of Viet Nam. I entered the only tent at the field command post for the infantry unit to which I had been assigned. At the far end of the tent stood a noticeably [...]

The November 12, 2011 Speakers Showcase!

We all know a speaker can make or break your meeting. You wouldn’t select a hotel without a site visit; why book a speaker that you have never seen first hand? What is better than viewing a DVD of a speaker? “Better” is to experience seeing them first hand and the “Best” is to see [...]

Give Your Customers An Occasional Miracle – Part Two

By: Chip R. Bell Bill’s first “every Thursday” yard cutting was invisible to the owners. They left for work early one morning and returned that afternoon to find it immaculate. A pale green index card left in the mail box — the agreed-upon spot for written communication — had one line written on it in [...]

Give Your Customers an Occasional Miracle – Part One

By: Chip R. Bell It is the season of giving and expressions of gratitude. Customers know they are valued and important when the service they receive comes with extras and thank you’s. One Boston family adopted an Asian girl. No sooner had she arrived in the United States than the family learned that she needed [...]