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Discipline is Easy – The Pain Paradox, Part Two

By: Rory Vaden The point is that incredible pain is often the result of all different types of easy decisions. Therein lies The Pain Paradox. Choices that are easy in the short term yield difficult consequences in the long term. And choices that are difficult in the short term often yield favorable consequences in the [...]

Discipline is Easy – The Pain Paradox, Part One

By: Rory Vaden When you hear the word DISCIPLINE what comes to mind? Most of us associate it with pain and suffering or some other negative connotation. But if discipline is hard, ugly, or brutal then why do so many successful people cite it as the path to Success? Does that mean that Success must [...]

2 Words Costing You Thousands of Dollars! (Part Two)

By: Rory Vaden I noticed that I was unconsciously filling my day with menial work or trivial work. When I looked back at what I completed during my work hours that day really I was nothing more than busy, just being busy. It was then that I noticed I was afflicted with a much more [...]

2 Words Costing You Thousands of Dollars! (Part one)

By: Rory Vaden According to a recent anonymous survey of 10,000 people, the average person self-admitted to wasting 2.09 hours each day on non-income producing activities and non-job related tasks while at work. And the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics reports that the average worker in the US makes $39,795. Since we are [...]