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Speakers For Conflict Resolution

Is your company experiencing internal squabbles and issues? Contact us and hire a speaker specifically trained in conflict resolution to speak to your company. Here’s a great list to choose from! Patricia E.¬†Adams The Relationship Wellness Coach Ben¬†Adkins The Conflict Guy creating World Peace one conflict at a time Elaine¬†Allison Customer Service Keynotes & Training [...]

Your Favorite Author At Your Next Event!

Interested in having a famous author speak at your next banquet or event? We have an extensive list of the most famous authors in the world…and available for hire! Danny¬†Cox A former supersonic fighter pilot specializes in breaking barriers in leadership and personal high performance in his high content, high humor keynotes and seminars. Maya¬†Angelou [...]

Motivational Speakers On Image And Self Esteem

Are you interested in hiring a motivational speaker who specializes in image and self esteem? Need to give your company or team a boost of confidence?  Check out our list of speakers focused on image and self esteem! Lorne¬†Abramovitch His trademark style of speaking with honesty, humor, and simplicity has made him an ideal choice [...]

Success Secrets of a Multinational Entrepreneur

By: Jack Sims Hi I am Jack Sims, and I can tell you after founding successful businesses in Europe and here in the United States, sorry, but the fact is that there are no secrets, most of it is common sense, with a little bit of luck added, being in the right place at the [...]

The Best Educational Speakers!

Looking for a guest speaker or a keynote educational speaker? Check out our list of educational speakers and let us know how we can help! Michael¬†Broome A very powerful message from a very humorous man Carl¬†Hurley Motivational humorist and entertainer who has earned the title “America’s Funniest Professor”. Jeanne¬†Robertson Jeanne Robertson is a professional speaker [...]