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Putting an End to Your Procrastination

By: Jeff Davidson People are more likely to delay taking action when they perceive that something is difficult, unpleasant, or represents a tough choice. This can become a serious problem when trying to achieve set goals. Those adept at setting and reaching their goals understand the importance of setting time lines and adhering to them [...]

Reducing Stress Through Proper Breathing

By Jeff Davidson, ©2012 As a dedicated career professional who seeks to get things done, to become known for one’s accomplishments, and perhaps be cited as a high achiever, it is vitally important to take control of your environment, minimize interruptions, associate with other get-it-done types, and embrace the notion of “completion-thinking.” As you look [...]

Virtualization: The Hot Trend Today’s Organizations Can No Longer Ignore – Part One

The use of virtualization and cloud computing is growing quickly among companies of all sizes. Currently, 30 percent of servers are virtualized, and surveys show that by 2012, that number will grow to 50 percent. Virtualization and cloud computing go hand-in-hand, and virtualizing servers is just the tip of the iceberg. The trend to virtualize [...]

Altitude and Attitude

Emily is a nurse and just broke her ankle boarding (she lives in Boulder) on January 12th. Seven screws placed and a plate to correct on 2-1-11.  We were with her last week and she hiked everything!!!  Golf ball size swelling each night but not a peep out of her.  She was out of work [...]

Who Would You Call?

Thank you to Byron Sabol , speaker and author of “Taming the Beast:  Success With Difficult People.”  I recently attended Byron’s seminar at our Carolinas Chapter meeting for MPI.  He had all of us writing as fast as we could so as not to miss any of the GREAT content and meaningful messages. “Got Champions? [...]

Balancing Work and Life

Source: By: Loren G. Edelstein Meeting professionals struggle to separate their business and personal lives. In fact, just 17 percent set clear boundaries between the two and are largely off-duty when at home, according to the 129 respondents to an M&C Research survey. Phone and e-mail are particularly invasive. Forty-three percent of planners check [...]