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Seek Completions, Rise in Your Career

By: Jeff Davidson As a dedicated career professional who seeks to get things done, to become known for one’s accomplishments, and perhaps be cited as a high achiever, it is vitally important to take control of your environment, minimize interruptions, associate with other get-it-done types, and embrace the notion of “completion-thinking.” As you look around [...]

Speakers For Business Growth

Looking to grow your business? We have a huge selection of speakers to choose from who speak on the topic of business growth. They will motivate you, entertain you and educate you! Mel Abraham Mel is a dynamic, award-winning presenter/author with real life experiences that can change your life Daniel Abramson Corporate CEO and high content speaker [...]

Turning Managers Into Leaders: Meet Merge Gupta-Sunderji!

Merge Gupta-Sunderji helps turn managers into leaders. A professional speaker, author, radio commentator, and consultant since 1988, Merge gives people specific and practical tools to help them achieve leadership and communication success. I n just the last three years, over 13,000 managers across Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Mexico have attended her leadership keynotes [...]

Meet Seth Mattison: Shaking Up Today’s Business World!

Seth Mattison has conducted numerous one-on-one interviews with both Millennials and top executives to discover firsthand the ways in which is generation is shaking up today’s business world. In addition, he has worked with companies as diverse as G.E., General Mills, Prudential, and the University of Notre Dame. Mattison’s keynote speeches and workshops offer valuable [...]

Virtualization: The Hot Trend Today’s Organizations Can No Longer Ignore – Part One

The use of virtualization and cloud computing is growing quickly among companies of all sizes. Currently, 30 percent of servers are virtualized, and surveys show that by 2012, that number will grow to 50 percent. Virtualization and cloud computing go hand-in-hand, and virtualizing servers is just the tip of the iceberg. The trend to virtualize [...]

Discipline is Easy – The Pain Paradox, Part One

By: Rory Vaden When you hear the word DISCIPLINE what comes to mind? Most of us associate it with pain and suffering or some other negative connotation. But if discipline is hard, ugly, or brutal then why do so many successful people cite it as the path to Success? Does that mean that Success must [...]

2 Words Costing You Thousands of Dollars! (Part one)

By: Rory Vaden According to a recent anonymous survey of 10,000 people, the average person self-admitted to wasting 2.09 hours each day on non-income producing activities and non-job related tasks while at work. And the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics reports that the average worker in the US makes $39,795. Since we are [...]