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Anticipate Versus Reacting and Crisis Management

By: Daniel Burrus In my new book Flash Foresight, I share seven principles that can make invisible opportunities visible. Becoming anticipatory is a crucial one. Agility has been a reasonable survival strategy during times of rapid change, like the 1980s, 1990s, and even the 2000s. Today, however, the pace of technological change is beyond rapid. [...]

What’s Wrong with Internal Service: Part Four!

The model below outlines a new framework that has the counter person and the warehouse person working together on behalf of the real customer. The operating philosophy shifts from deference to partnership. Influence is grounded in an allegiance to equality and interdependence making “selling and yelling” completely unnecessary. Communication is conversational rather than that of [...]

Balancing Work and Life

Source: By: Loren G. Edelstein Meeting professionals struggle to separate their business and personal lives. In fact, just 17 percent set clear boundaries between the two and are largely off-duty when at home, according to the 129 respondents to an M&C Research survey. Phone and e-mail are particularly invasive. Forty-three percent of planners check [...]