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2 Words Costing You Thousands of Dollars! (Part one)

By: Rory Vaden According to a recent anonymous survey of 10,000 people, the average person self-admitted to wasting 2.09 hours each day on non-income producing activities and non-job related tasks while at work. And the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics reports that the average worker in the US makes $39,795. Since we are [...]

The November 12, 2011 Speakers Showcase!

We all know a speaker can make or break your meeting. You wouldn’t select a hotel without a site visit; why book a speaker that you have never seen first hand? What is better than viewing a DVD of a speaker? “Better” is to experience seeing them first hand and the “Best” is to see [...]

Altitude and Attitude

Emily is a nurse and just broke her ankle boarding (she lives in Boulder) on January 12th. Seven screws placed and a plate to correct on 2-1-11.  We were with her last week and she hiked everything!!!  Golf ball size swelling each night but not a peep out of her.  She was out of work [...]