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Meet Seth Mattison: Shaking Up Today’s Business World!

Seth Mattison has conducted numerous one-on-one interviews with both Millennials and top executives to discover firsthand the ways in which is generation is shaking up today’s business world. In addition, he has worked with companies as diverse as G.E., General Mills, Prudential, and the University of Notre Dame. Mattison’s keynote speeches and workshops offer valuable [...]

We’re All Too Busy…Missing Amazing Opportunities: Part Two

By: Daniel Burris In order to make the invisible future visible, make a list of both the Cyclical and Linear changes that have a high potential to impact both you and your customers and ask yourself, “What am I certain about?” Based on the certainties, what are the problems you are not having today, but [...]

2 Words Costing You Thousands of Dollars! (Part one)

By: Rory Vaden According to a recent anonymous survey of 10,000 people, the average person self-admitted to wasting 2.09 hours each day on non-income producing activities and non-job related tasks while at work. And the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics reports that the average worker in the US makes $39,795. Since we are [...]