Putting an End to Your Procrastination

By: Jeff Davidson

People are more likely to delay taking action when they perceive that something is difficult, unpleasant, or represents a tough choice. This can become a serious problem when trying to achieve set goals. Those adept at setting and reaching their goals understand the importance of setting time lines and adhering to them so that procrastination cannot become an issue.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re late filing your taxes (now that you know that multimillions of others do so as well, that’s still not an excuse).
  • You send greeting cards too late to arrive on time.
  • You shop for Christmas presents on December 24th.
  • You have a health check-up only months after suspecting that something is wrong.
  • You have drawers in your desk, files in your cabinet, whole closets, or whole rooms that are total disaster areas and you’ve been “meaning to get to” for oh so long.
  • You actually begin some projects after the deadline because you need that kind of anxiety to get you going.

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